Frequently Asked Questions

How are fees calculated? +

Interpreting, proofreading and editing are charged on an hourly basis. Interpreting may also incur charges for travel and mileage.

Translation rates depend on the complexity, volume
and urgency of the document and are based on the word count (per 1000 words) of the source text. If a document is not available in an electronic version or is in a pdf file, the rate will be based on an estimate and verified by the final target text word count.

We are happy to quote in GBP, Euro or Polish zloty.

How do I know how many words are in my document? +

2 x A4 pages (12 point) are about 1000 words.

You can count the number of words in a Word document using the ‘Word Count’ tab under ‘Review’ (or under ‘Tools’ in older versions of MS Word).

For documents in other formats, please contact us.

How do I arrange a translation? +

Documents can be emailed, faxed or sent by post.
Legible scans and copies are accepted.

We will return the completed work to you
by the agreed deadline by email or as a hard copy by post
in a medium of your choice (e.g. paper copy, CD).

You are also welcome in our office, should you prefer that. 

How long will it take? +

As a rough guide, 4 x A4 pages (12 point) – about 2000 words will usually take 2 days to translate, but we are happy to discuss same-day/next-day service for urgent documents.

How do I book an interpreter? +

Please email or phone us to discuss your requirements.

An interpreter will be available at a location and a time convenient for you.

Interpreters charge by the hour; after the first hour, time is paid in 15-minute blocks.

We offer discounts for full-day bookings (over 6 hours).

In certain circumstances, travel and mileage can be charged.

Same-day cancellations (up to 24 hours) are charged at 100% booking fee.

Cancellations with 2-3 days’ notice incur a charge of 50% booking fee.

Why do you ask for background information/glossaries? +

We may ask for more information for different reasons:
a translator/interpreter may want to research the area you work in to provide you with a better service based on your needs
and the nature of your work; they may want to make sure they follow your ‘house style’ or are consistent with your in-house terminology and previous materials.
We may also ask about copyright and publication issues.

Do you use any translation software? +

Yes, we use TRADOS 2007/2009 – a professional translation software.

How can I pay? +

We accept payments via direct bank transfer, BACS,
postal order, PayPal and cash.